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Stage 5 Racing Simulator with three 55 Inch LED TV’s


The need for quality Racing Simulation is growing at an impressive pace. More corporations are seeking new ways to entertain their clients and bond their employees with team building activities.  The thrill seeking, auto sport consumer is looking to get together with friends and enjoy racing competition in a safe environment, challenging their skills and senses. The Autosport Simulator Speedway’s Racing Simulation Center is the perfect answer to this demand.


The Autosport Simulator Speedway’s race cars are simply everything you need to enjoy professional racing simulation.

Our SimXperience Stage 5 race car simulators provide.

  • Unparalleled Motion Quality & Realism
  • Simulates Rear Traction Loss and Rear Wheel Hop (key component of race driver training programs)!!
  • Excellent road surface perception via 250 motion updates per second
  • Inline Dampeners make motion more fluid and less digitized.
  • Based On Olympic Training Principles
  • SimXperience Exclusive SimVibe Technology that Compliments Motion with True Physics Based Vibratory / Tactile Feedback at All Four Corners
  • Real time customizable motion profiles can be custom tuned to represent any vehicle with ease!
  • Simulates vehicle weight transfer in addition to road texture and G-Forces
  • Powerful 500W Dolby 5.1 Surround System with Wireless Remote earphones
  • Powerful Custom Simulation PC (external for easy maintenance and upgrades)
  • Three 55 inch Low Latency Commercial Display Screens
  • Compatible with a variety of VR systems such as the Oculus Rift
  • Virtual Reality Goggles
  • Power Height Adjustable (push button) Rigid Triple Screen Mount
  • Power Adjustable (push button) Pedal Distance
  • Telescoping Wheel
  • Tilt Adjustable Wheel
  • Custom SimXperience Seat Optimizes Lateral G Sensation
  • Accu-Force Pro Sim Steering System
  • Professional HPP 3-Pedal Set for Realistic Braking Pressure
  • Provides Touch Capable Virtual Gauges, Charting, Real time Motion Adjustments and Real time Tactile Adjustments
  • Modular Design (Easily Bolt On Future Simulation Modules)
  • Structural Rigidity (Built From 2″ Tube Steel)
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Industrial Grade Construction for Frequent Use.
  • Single button click to get started.
  • Driver Training Packages Available

It’s everything you need to obtain an incredible motion simulation experience.

Autosport Simulator Speedway creates the ultimate immersion by employing a variety of techniques. First our SimXperience cars manipulate your inner ear / sense of balance to create a sense of motion. This is combined with minute body pressure cues by creating just enough roll and pitch to utilize your body weight to create these pressures. Finally, this combined body pressure and sense of balance manipulation with kinesthesia (skeletal and muscle pressure manipulation) creates the exact feel of being in the seat of an actual race car.

Autosport Simulator Speedway simulators are designed to optimize the principles of kinesthesia and propioception. This is the same concept that is often applied in many advanced Olympic training programs.

For a simulator to provide the appearance of full G-Forces, torque, etc. to that of an actual vehicle. The simulator must fool the brain into perceiving these effects in an immerse manner. This is achieved with the concepts described above, emphasizing muscle pressures.

The key to creating the properly scaled muscle pressures is not in moving the wheel and pedals, but the occupant only. For example, the same pressure can be applied to the muscles in your wrist and forearms as would be applied in an actual vehicle.

Our unique combination of these techniques results in one of the most advanced and immerse simulation rides available.
At Autosport Simulator Speedway it was not enough to simply create this immersion. Our cars go to great lengths to ensure that each motion profile created will meet a strict, criteria that focuses on tweaking the motion profile to achieve near perfect immersion for each driver.

A Motion Engine software is the key differentiator among motion simulators. The motion engine determines how the telemetry / physics data is interpreted and turns it into movement instructions. In short, it’s the brains that gives a motion simulator motion. This software determines the overall performance and tunability of the motion simulator.

In the past, motion simulators required a cluster of multiple PC’s or extremely costly custom rack mount workstations. Those that didn’t provide this type of computing power typically offered arcade style performance, but no more. An industry first, The Sim Commander Motion engine used by Auto-Sport Simulator Speedway offers an extremely advanced, low latency, parallel tasking motion engine that takes full advantage of today’s multi-core PC’s such as the Intel Core i7.

The Sim Commander 3 Motion Engine Software utilized by Auto-Sport Simulator Speedway provides varying levels of tuning capability to suit both novice and professional drivers. Novice drivers can choose to utilize a pre-setup or simply alter intensity on a per effect basis. For example, if you wish to feel more acceleration, simply increase the intensity of the acceleration slider.

The Sim Commander Engine also provides advanced, yet easy to use tactile tuning capabilities in varying levels. Novice users can choose to utilize a pre-made setup or simply alter intensity on a per effect basis. For example, if you wish to feel more engine rpm or road surface derived chassis vibration, simply increase the intensity of these effects.

All adjustments are expressed in common terms such as G’s, degrees, degrees per second, etc. and full control is offered of the telemetry data relative to the frequency and amplitude of the vibrations. Finally, each effect may be filtered and located in the correct placement on the chassis. For example, wheel hop in the right rear will actually occur in the right rear of the simulator chassis.


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